Other mandolins for sale

Absolutely stunning 1900 De Meglio No. 2 mandolin. Fully rebult concert grade instrument with new AAA grade spruce top, new ebony concert length fretboard with t-frets, bone nut and saddle (as opposite to original metal ones). Terrific instrument with brilliant voice. Setup to perfection with low action and great intonation.

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Rare 1920’s German aluminium-bodied flatback, restored to playability07 0305 0204 01

*** S O L D ***   1916 Luigi Embergher Orchestra No. 1   エンベルガー マンドリン

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*** S O L D ***  1903 Raffaele Calace “Brevettato 900″

 Calace 900 Brevittato mandolin dav dav dav

I also have another Calace, an absolutely superb fluted ribs 1913 “Brevettato 900″,  model 16 bis. It is being restored now and will be available for sale soon.

You can contact me direct on victor (at) speranski.com Thank you!

マンドリン カラーチェ良品

エンベルガー マンドリン