Russian Emberghers


Antonio Luigi Embergher (4 February 1856 Arpino – 12 May 1943 Rome) sometimes reffered to as “the Stradivarius of mandolin” was an Italian luthier known for his high quality bowlback mandolins.

In 1905 -1906, following the order of Italian expatriate musician Ginislao Paris, Luigi Embergher made several unique mandolin family instruments (mandolins, mandolas and liuto cantabile), featuring double top and special bracing system for Ginislao’s mandolin orchestra in St. Petersburg, Russia. These instruments are commonly known as ‘The Russian Emberghers’.

Ginislao Paris

1906 Luigi Embergher Double Top Liuto Cantabile ‘Sistema Ginislao Paris’, restored by Lorenzo Lippi.

Initial discoveries and research were summarised back in 2014 in the following document:  The Russian Embergher.

My further research led me to writing a Wikipedia article on Ginislao Paris, Italian-Russian musician and mandolin enthusiast, who was completely forgotten in both Russia and Italy and to many interesting finds in the mandolin field in both Russia and the West.

I sometimes have interesting mandolins, both unrestored and restored for sale. Proceeds are used to finance my research and restoration projects.

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1906 エンベルガー マンドリン マンドリュート(リュート・モデルノまたはリュート・カンタービレともいう)はマンドリン属の一種。

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